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Shaun M Johnson is an entrepreneur, mentor, and dad to eight amazing children. I'm an Online Marketing Mentor and Lifestyle Engineer helping ordinary people do extraordinary things by achieving financial freedom so they too can live their dream lifestyle. I was just like you; couldn't find a job, then struggling paycheck to paycheck, and hard-pressed for time. But, I made a choice that I was going to make the time and exert the effort to start an online business and change my life, and situation for my family's sake.

A Brief History About Shaun M Johnson.

-From 2004 to 2008, I worked as a flight, automotive, CDL trucking simulator technician and I worked in avionic maintenance. I left Colorado in 2008 and moved to Maryland because my kids and their mother were moving there. So, I followed.

-In 2010, I enrolled in college for computer aided drafting and design hoping to better the financial situation I was so used to. In 2012, things ended with the mother of my children and I ended up leaving college because I was moving to Pennsylvania to start my life over.

-By 2013, I was homeless. After a year of job hunting, I found myself a job working under my degree. I walked two hours to work and two hours home every single day for four months. I also managed to work out some transportation so I could go back to college in Ohio where I graduated later in the year. I managed to save enough money while I was still homeless to finally afford a house.

-2014 was a good turning point in my life, and situation. I registered to vote for the first time, met the love of my life and her crazy awesome kids, and got us all a new home that was big enough to fit everyone.

-In 2015, I got engaged to the love of my life, moved our family into our new home, changed my employment, and went full-time with my online business.

-Now it's 2016, and I am loving life thanks to me making the decision to take action and secure the future for my family and myself. Right now I am managing multiple income streams, but also reinvesting all of my earnings back into my online business to increase my growth rate.

There are many ways to “make money online” with an online business It is best to use a mentor, someone who is educated and skilled in various ways of making money online. I say “various ways” because a mentor with multiple options can help you find the best online business option that fits you, your schedule, and your time. After all, these opportunities are made available so people living an average life of struggle can free themselves, and/or their families from worrying about price tags and time constraints. We as people need more time and freedom so we can actually live our lives and create life-long memories, rather than working our lives away with few memories to show for it.


To Your Success,

Shaun M Johnson


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