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Power Words sound awful listed out like I am about to do at the end of this blog. As a result, they will sound cliché. However, they are proven winners when you use them right. So, I do not recommend that you to stack them up on each other, or throw them around your message meaninglessly. Here’s the key, how you use the magic of these power words is just as important as knowing them. A single word can change the meaning, the mood and the motivation behind a message.

the cats out of the bag - power words

The Cat's Out of The Bag, Marketing Power Words.

When I think of the meaning behind the acronym M&M's, I think of Henry Ford's words, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right.” Those words have a deep meaning. So, they change your mood and give you motivation. They say, If you think you can, and you try until you do it, then you will be able to do it. And, if you don't, then you won't. Choosing the right word for a simple button can influence a reader’s decision to click on your advertisement, button, offer, or whatever it is that you want them to engage in.


marketing power words

Meaning + Mood + Motivation = M&M's.

To demonstrate an easy to follow system for Marketing Power Words, I will take you back to my college days at ITT Technical Institute at Owings Mills, Maryland. In Professor Meg Curtis's Writing class she explained a simple formula known as “M&M's For You.” For example, a single word Can Influence Your Reader's Decision. “Join us!” and “Sign up!” are common “directions” for email follow-up, capture page/landing page, and sales funnel buttons. Both of them mean “Click here to give us your email address.” But, do they say the same thing? No, they do not! In reflection about the denotations of each word, we discover that the difference between “joining” and “signing up” is the difference between “fellowship” and “enlisting.”


encourage community

3 Power Words That Encourage Community.

Below is a short list for three words that invite buyers to actively demonstrate their interest in your business. These power words invite readers to a feeling of togetherness or a sense of community.

  1.  Join – This word promotes unity and bonding.
  2.  Become a member – In addition to community, your business implies power and privilege, as in a members-only club.
  3.  Come With Me – A little more casual, this phrase invites members to accompany your business on special adventures. (…in sales, I hope!)

These “community phrases” provide a sense of togetherness to the user; readers feel a communal involvement in something special, something big. These are the power words that many marketers like for certain web uses. They work very well for email sign-ups, advertising trial offers, and even “in-app messaging.” Therefore, this certainly demonstrates how the power of a word can change the meaning, the mood, and the motivation. Have some more M&Ms on the house 🙂

be a part of something bigger

11 Power Words That Say “You're A Part of Something Bigger.”

Like community, the idea of a special membership is very attractive to consumers. Consequently, a buyer wants to be in the group. So, the psychology is that of peer pressure, and social pressure that work to your advantage to drive the buyer to do as you wish. This list of words has proven to be magical in phrasing.

For Sign-up forms, links, calls-to-action, and my personal favorite, subheads:

-Members only

-Login required

-Seating Limited

-Spots limited

-Membership closing soon

-Trial ending soon

-Ask for an invitation


-Available only to subscribers

-Become an Insider

-Be the first


better word choices

Make Better Word Choices.

Here's an example that was made famous by writers named Loftus and Palmer. To put it simply, they described the different word choices people make when they are describing a car accident.

One witness said, “the cars made contact.”

Another witness stated, “one car smashed into the other.

Do you feel the difference? This is the magic of power words.

Long before the purchase, the response comes in the form of curiosity, a personal connection, and an interest. Power Words Lists are the treasure troves of all business writers. My blog will help discover the same troves they treasure. Power words are not secret, but you do profit if you know them, and know how to use them.


hold the test of time

5 Power Words That Hold The Test of Time.

-Act Now

-Limited Time Only

-Money Back Guarantee

-Time’s Running Out

-Six Brand New Features

These time-sensitive words are designed to increase the relationship between you and the customer. Around five years ago, the marketing, or “sales pitch” presence was blatantly obvious in a company blog. However, today’s online readers demand more from a blogger. So, I like to think of each blog I write as pulling people closer to each other through words. Because every word means something very specific to whoever hears them.

My Thoughts.

First of all, I do not write just to make sales or gain loyal customers, even though it does help me advance in my life, just as it does for you. Most noteworthy, I write to establish a relationship with people who hopefully become buyers and have the honor of helping someone do something better in their business and life. Personally, I love that part of the writing I do, that deepens the relationship between my client as a seller and my reader as a buyer, whether the currency is money, a new team member, or the self-satisfaction of being able to help someone. In conclusion, simply inject these compelling words into your marketing and sales vocabulary and you will provoke your audience to engage. For more power words, phrases, and amazing copywriting training: Get Copywriting Mastery from The Copywriting Master!



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