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Compound Exercises and Anabolic Hormones.

Compound exercises actually lead to more fat loss than muscle gain. That's because our bodies respond to us training our muscles by producing anabolic hormones. These anabolic hormones include growth hormone and testosterone which tell our bodies to start building muscle tissue and burning fat more. The more muscle we use, the more our bodies produce these hormones. Exercises like the squat incorporate all of our biggest muscles into one powerful movement and encourage our bodies to go into a muscle-building zone.


muscle mass

More Muscle Mass = More Power = More Weight You Can Lift.

Compound exercises also allow us to lift heavier weights since compound movements use more big muscle groups. The more weight we move, the more intense the workout becomes for our bodies as a whole. If you are a male who wants to build muscles that look ripped and shredded beneath a very low body fat percentage, then compound lifts are the #1 strategy you should be using. Women should also use compound lifts to compliment, maintain, and enhance their health, flexibility, movement, strength, and physique.


burn calories

Compound Exercises Burn Calories For Days After The Workout.

Compound exercises not only burn calories during your workout, but they also burn calories for days after the workout. Having muscle requires our bodies to burn fat to sustain that mass. If you are a woman who has been trying to lose weight and get in shape by eating like a mouse, walking endless miles, and running your heels off with little to no results in weight loss then your hormones are probably not working in your favor.

Hormone Imbalance

Hormone Imbalance Treatment.

To fix this; get down to the gym and start compound exercises. You might see the results start coming in and working faster. If you take all of these compound exercises and combine them into a workout routine, you will have targeted every important movement our human bodies are capable of. This results in a huge amount of muscle and puts our bodies into in a highly anabolic state.


Joint Pains

Joint Pains and Mobility Issues.

There are people who suffer from joint pains and mobility issues. Whatever the reasons are for their issues, they find it difficult to get around. I am one of those people. For years I have had very intense back pain. I hid the symptoms from everyone for as long as I could. But, sometimes, it's impossible to hide such intense pain. I was highly active throughout my childhood and teenage years. I overdid everything and never listened when someone said I should slow down and save my back. Well, I paid the price.

Chronic Pain Treatment

Doctors Said No, I Said Yes.

Doctors said that torn and overstretched muscles, tendons, and ligaments are not “fixable.” All I knew was what my physics professor at ITT Tech said, “A body in motion, stays in motion.” Wow. That was my “ah-ha” moment, and from the day on, I got moving. Eventually, found my way to recovery through Parkour, which incorporates the 7 Primal Movements and compound exercises. When I started Parkour, I didn't have the technical terminology to accurately explain how this worked. Until I did my research and applied what learned.


Primal Movements

Compound Exercises To Get You Started.

  1. Squatting – Squats, Deadlifts, Kettlebell Swing.
  2. Lunging – Lunges, Side Squats.
  3. Bending – Deadlifts, Sit Ups, Leg Raises.
  4. Pushing – Bench Press, Overhead Press, Push Ups.
  5. Pulling – Pull Up, Row.
  6. Gait – Walking, Jogging, Running.
  7. Twisting – Heavy Bag, Twisting Sit Ups, Cable Woodchop.

Improved Health

My body has progressed.

You're probably thinking that people with these issues shouldn't be lifting heavy weights, and you're right, but slightly misinformed. We shouldn't be lifting really heavy weights, but there is nothing wrong with using lighter weights to train while utilizing compound exercises. Compound exercises train your body to move correctly. This makes them an excellent way to restore your mobility and health. I still have immense pains in my hands, wrists, forearms, shoulders neck, upper/middle/and lower back. But, it is nowhere near as intense as it was before I started moving my body in natural ways.

Warning! Before you try any of these movements, understand it is critical that you learn how to do them properly! If you do not learn how to execute these movements properly, you will be training your body to incorrectly perform them. That will have reverse effects and cause further injury! Make sure you Read The 7 Primal Movements before you begin!



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